Postal Campaigns

Our associates at The Mailing Room MK Ltd offer tailor made solutions to suit your mailing needs and budget, no matter how large or small your project.

They are capable of processing your entire direct mailing campaign from data management and mail merge to machine folding and inserting. Also we can guarantee discounts with Royal Mail using our specialist software.


Machine folding & enclosing is a fast and efficient way of mailing letters, cards, leaflets and brochures. All size envelopes from C6 up to C4 with multiple personalised inserts are catered for. No job is too small and we also offer hand enclosing for those unusual shaped and sized items.

For a professional and personal look, our high volume laser and inkjet printing is perfect for letters, labels, postcards and booklets. With variable data information we can also personalise text. Inkjet addressing is more attractive and cost effective than using adhesive address labels.

Did you know that we can provide postal discounts for bulk mail users? We have worked with Royal Mail for over 10 years and also have good relationships with many of the downstream access providers such as Whistl. We can address and prepare your mail using our Mailsort software and by making the mailpiece machine readable or adding a barcode there are substantial savings to be made. We can offer huge discounts on 1st and 2nd Class postings as well as maximum discounts using Economy Class services (4 days delivery). Mailing Overseas? Royal Mail has some excellent European and Rest of World Rates and on the larger quantity mailings we work with various overseas postage consolidators so are able to make further savings still!

Make your direct marketing activities more environmentally friendly with Sustainable Mail. Sustainable Mail is designed to help you minimize the environmental impact of your mailings and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

If you need to mail brochures, catalogues and magazines, then polybagging is a fast way to enclose your material. What’s more polythene is cheaper and lighter than an equivalent size paper envelope so when weight is an issue polythene will save you money, not just on the cost of an envelope but on postage as well.

In order to get the most out of your client database it is important to keep it up to date and cleansed regularly. There is no point wasting money sending out mail to people where the address is inaccurate or the person or company has moved on. By cleansing your database with the following services we can save you time and money by not sending out unnecessary post:-

  • PAF Correction - Screening your address file against the Postcode Address File you
  • De-dupe - by running your data through our de-duping software you can eliminate any duplicate addresses.
  • MPS - Scan your data against the Mailing Preference Service register to remove any addresses that have opted to not receive unsolicited direct mail.
  • GAS (Gone Away Register)
  • NCOA (Forwarding addresses)
  • TBR (Bereavement Register)

Returns - By including an 'If undelivered' address on the outer envelope or label you will then have any undeliverable mail items returned free of charge. This is an ideal way of updating your records to avoid mailing that contact again in the future.

Whether you are a brand new business starting out or an established company, our mailing list rental service is a highly effective way to reach new customers. We can source mailing lists to suit your target customer specifications, making the most of your mail shots.

Our professional design team can assist from concept to presentation. From creating a corporate identity and office stationery to promotional postcards, leaflets and brochures. We can serve any printing and envelope requirements you may have.

We can also offer specialist services such as hand assembly and packing as well as complex folding and hand labelling.

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