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FuseMetrix is an online platform used by small to medium sized enterprises to run their company. The core aim of FuseMetrix is for a company to operate on a single system.

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Systems by sector
Systems by sector
Jump straight into FuseMetrix using packages designed specifically for your industry. Click here to take a look at what we have to offer.
FuseMetrix ERP
FuseMetrix ERP offers a wide range of modules that seamlessly integrate with each other. From CRM and Accounts to Project Management, and much more, FuseMetrix ERP can be tailored to your specific requirements.
Bespoke Applications
Want to integrate with your supplier's system? Or perhaps get real time data from engineers with an app? Increase efficiency with our bespoke applications.

A Cloud-based Whole Business Management System

FuseMetrix was first developed by Web Office Systems in 2003. It is a web based business application centred around a common database that allows you to operate and grow your business efficiently. Being modular it allows you to only implement the parts you require, keeping the system both simple to use and cost effective. Whilst the FuseMetrix modules are extensive we are able to tailor the functionality to meet the business processes that make your company unique. This can be done cost effectively by configuring existing functionality or if needed by writing custom screens and functionality.

FuseMetrix is hosted in Class leading data centres operated by TeleCity Group in London and Manchester and is paid for on a monthly basis based on the number and type of licenses used.

Fully Integrated CRM, Accounts & ERP

FuseMetrix, a modular business management system which is constantly being improved and expanded upon, has the flexibility to be moulded into all kinds of business situations. By selecting from any of the 3 standard packages, FuseMetrix can help you manage your customers better, run your accounts with greater ease or even fully integrate all areas of your business.
The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package helps you manage your customers, prospects and opportunities super efficiently - meaning you can concentrate on maximising profits.
The CRM and Accounts package adds in a fully featured accounting module, which enables you to control your credit to cash and procurement to payment processes. Financial reporting and cash flow forecasting provides you with a transparent view of your accounts – meaning you know your expected income and the company's exposure to your creditors at all times.
The Full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package is a fully integrated solution, which has the ability to bring together all areas of your business. This includes Time and Expense Management, Stock Management, Manufacturing Work Distribution and Human Resources. Together with the above modules, you have one system to run your business.
Fully bespoke systems tailored to your business; the system’s architecture has been built in such a way, we are able to create features bespoke to your business. Some of our most popular features include booking systems, product configurators, website shop integrated with back end, warehouse management systems, multi-country/multi-currency finance systems, work force scheduling and many, many more.

What are the benefits?

One system to run your business

As stated above FuseMetrix is an integrated system, which means by selecting the modules that fit your needs you can use it to improve efficiency, bring together teams within your business, and ultimately run your business and exploit the potential.

Your data is more secure

Data is maintained in a secure data network, which is fully backed up at all times. Access to data is made via an encrypted connection, and different levels of access to the system can be pre-assigned for added security.

Simple to use

Whilst rich in features, and suitable for all kinds of businesses, FuseMetrix is still incredibly easy to use. This minimises training costs, speeds up adoption by users, ultimately meaning a faster return on your investment.

Cloud based – Access anytime, from anywhere

Being web based, you can access FuseMetrix from wherever you are – provided you have an internet connection. This gives you the flexibility to work from wherever you want, whether it’s at home or out on the field – you and your team can access the data you need, fast.

Reduced Capital Expenditure & Carbon Footprint

Another massive advantage to FuseMetrix, is that there is no need to be purchasing expensive hardware such as servers (if using the cloud based system).

Support included

FuseMetrix is always being improved, and as part of your licensing you will always have the most up to date version of the system. We also have a UK based service delivery team, who are always happy to help whenever you need it.

Our Clients:

Our clients range from bed manufacturers to online travel companies, architects and accountants to Europe’s largest zip wire…and all of these companies use the system to manage all of their processes. Clients include: